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Date:2007-09-17 19:04
Subject:Robert Jordan is gone.
Mood: sick

Wheel of Time author, Robert Jordan, passed away yesterday. 

There's further information to be had just now, but I don't feel the need to dwell on details.  A man who touched a lot of people, many of whom I count as friends, is gone, and it's the loss that's important just now.

His tinkers always asked one another when they met on the road whether the song had been found.

I fear it may never be, now.  Rest in Peace, Mr. James Rigney.

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Date:2006-05-17 23:35
Subject:interesting policy thought

I've shamelessly ripped this off of an old West Wing episode, but what do you think about government grants for education, with the requirement for the grant being a term of service following college as a teacher?

Obviously, there'd be additional requirements. GPA minimums and some sort of screening and application process.

I think we could do without an extra stealth bomber or aircraft carrier if our kids were smarter on the backside of high school.

Tell me I'm being idealistic, or tell me I'm being silly.

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Date:2006-04-10 10:53
Subject:Saw this on the web today WRT an iMac running Vista Beta
Mood: mellow

I hate all of you ugly mac people. Your OS stinks. Your hardware stinks. I hate all of your flashy OSX
graphics and FX. It's not charming. It's annoying. I run XP in old school mode with no SFX. Why? because I'm
not a pussy. I'd rather every single bit of my processing power goes to something useful.

Take your stupid OSX and your starbucks and your ipods filled to the brim with crap music and flush them down the toilet.

Get a PC, download warez, steal music, and stop being a hippie.


I think it's the funniest quote I've seen in a while.

Will actually make one of my posts later. So, switch on your spam filters, people.

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Date:2006-03-14 13:28

Tomorrow, the new guys arrive.

Monday, the guys presently here leave.

Which means it must be turnover time.

So, I'll be losing guys that have been out here functioning as a team for the past two and a half months, a couple of which I'd prefer to keep out here despite their having lives.

Instead, I get two newbs and two others.


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Date:2006-02-23 22:27

am on enforced exile. loving it. learning to play poker. first time up and am raking in money, which means when i return to table, i am due to lose in manifest fashion.

these are all good things. things which are not good: falling/staying in love with unattainable beauty. believing in hope.

things which are good: time for self-improvement. time for healing. time to build a bridge to tomorrow.

robin might come up in the summer to watch whales and glaciers.

i want that like gangbusters. i miss my surrogate father.

m gives birth soon. am avoiding it not by choice but by lack of communication. or consoling self with that.

sometimes, a human being must live past the hope of one's means.

love is a many thorned thing.

alaska is full of women and men with stories and depth. and depth above all else.

i do not want to leave here so early, but will.

i miss the freedom of complete choice; love the chance of witnessing something beyond my ken.

part of me keeps whispering that i will die alone.

i keep ignoring it for my own peace of mind. i am consistently a different human being now, and one would hope that has relevance.

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Date:2005-11-23 00:15
Subject:the mamushka

here's the current, such as it is:

The powers that be at that great medical mount in the northern middle-west have done new, more detailed, more intricate ultrasounds. They have advised my mother to avoid the medication she was taking for her previous hysterectomy.

And they have not given her definite word one way or the other.

She views this as "good news."

I see doctors hurrying to catch their flights to family and friends for the holidays. I hear the word "triage."

Happy Thanksgiving.

Of course, I am cynical on this, and the smallest bit pessimistic. These are the same folks who told my dad he had a 70% chance of complete recovery and total remission a year or so before he left us, left me, after they had yanked out the bottom third of his esophagus and the top quarter of his stomach.

Of course, I am irrational on this, and the smallest bit foolish. And maybe more than a few iotae selfish and presumptive. None of the letters following my name are M or D, nor do I have anything but a passingly vicarious association with oncology, in all its wondrous shapes and types and sizes.

I hate this. I'm ignoring this. I'm gonna have a good holiday. But there's nothing else to say on the issue at present.

I want to thank everyone for their concern and continued prayers. I continue to hope. Tonight's just been a disappointment. Was hoping for resolution, and shoulda known better.

Will be fine in the morning. Just tonight was hard.

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Date:2005-11-19 10:10
Subject:shamelessly ripped from H

1. First Best Friend: This is too complex for a simple statement. Different persons for different phases of my life.
2. First Hamster: Never had one
3. First Piercing: Will letcha know.
4. First Crush: Tara Harper. This I was 12. She was a year or two older. I was precocious.
5. First CD: Sting's Ten Summoner's Tales
6. First Love: Amanda
7. First Stuffed Animal: A puppet brown and white puppy with sleepy eyes.
8. First Concert: May 1st, 1996 or 97. Soul Coughing at the Riviera in Chicago.
9. First Kiss: Jessica Winter. 6th Grade. The basement of Manny's Pizza in Savanna, at the top of the stairs. The memory is so clear because I sorta floated to the head of the stairs and then took a header straight down em.
10. First Speeding Ticket: I'll let you know

1. Last Alcoholic Beverage: Samuel Adam's.
2. Last Vehicle Ride: Last night.
3. Last Phone Call: Booter/Andrew
4. Last CD Played: John Mayer, Heavier Things
5. Last Bubble Bath: Years ago on Cedar Street.
6. Last Time You Cried: Last night.
7. Last Time You Ate: Last night.
8. Last Shower: Last night before bed.
9. Last Name: Classified.

1. Have you ever dated one of your best friends: Yes.
2. Have you ever been arrested: Not yet.
3. Have you ever skinny dipped: Not yet.
4. Have you ever been on TV: Several times.
5. Have you ever kissed someone and then regretted it: Yes.
6. Have you ever had a sex dream about someone you knew: Yes.
7. Have you ever been in a fist fight: Yes.
8. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance: Not within memory.

1. Button down shirt
2. Jeans
3. Boxer briefs
4. Socks
5. Slip-on dress shoes
6. My Wilson's Lambskin 3/4 trench.
7. A t-shirt

1. Gotten up
2. Gotten dressed
3. Brushed the teeth
4. Packed the backpack
5. Walked over to the Joint Center
6. Bought a bus ticket to get off base for the day.

1. My luck.
2. The way the right person and I can read each other like books. Old friends is probably a better definition.
3. Love.
4. Surprises.
5. The feeling that comes with a job well done.

1. H
2. A
3. CK
4. CS

1. eat or drink? Eat
2. fast or slow? Fast
3. pink or black? Black

1. Fall in love again
2. Get published (finish the damn book)

1. My timing.

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Date:2005-08-06 23:51
Subject:poached from vathi

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Date:2005-08-04 17:19
Subject:Two shoes, size 1000
Mood:Letcha know when I know

1) I've been forbidden from continuing the road portion of the truck driving school by the instructor.

2) M is expecting. And no. Don't even ask. Not a possibility.

Nor do I really have anything to say to either point just now. When I have something to say, I'll open this up to discussion. At present, I'm going to get drunk, go to bed, and pretend today just didn't happen, so I can get through Friday and take the weekend and sort my head.

Date:2005-07-26 23:04

the Ham

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Date:2005-07-26 22:36
Subject:i so truly hate this place

reasons why:

1) my roommate is really starting to remind me of my last boss, which is interesting, since they worked together a few years back.

2) my sweat is sweating down here. i am not built for humid or hot climates.

3) isolation is slowly driving me insane.

4) truck driving school is like constantly reliving your first worst date, over and over, except it's some redneck who can flunk you instead of some girl who can leave you standing there all alone.

5) i am getting sick to death of being serenaded by frogs during all hours, frogs who sound like baby sheep bleating, whilst i swelter in rooms oft o'erlooked by the airconditioning god, still wondering if i can somehow find my way to england.

did i mention i hate this place?

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Date:2005-07-20 20:25
Subject:ha! i told you i was a romantic!

Part Passionate Kisser

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Date:2005-07-15 19:44

btw, samantha carter is a smartyhotty. but i do not see how she can exist in the absence of richard dean anderson's character.

as far as this atlantis thing goes...well, i'm undecided. though guardedly un-hopeful. having bsg to make stargate play fair i think will make scifi actually work.

but just about everyone on atlantis seemes completely stupid.

write that down.

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Date:2005-07-15 19:41
Subject:bs subway evidence commercial=

= massive amounts of moronic behavior.

battlestar starts a new season tonight.

i'll get with you afterwards, cuz, well, there's a whole freight-train of plot and hotness that i still have to deal with.

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Date:2005-07-02 15:30
Subject:ahh...96 hours of liberty

the craptop is fixed. and augmented. i took the old girl in and got her a ram-job.

756 mbs of cookin with gas now. sound card issues resolved. crap-out issues resolved. mr imber is happy lil pig in proverbial feces.

treated myself to steak dinner at ruby tuesdays this afternoon. felt i deserved it. especially when i am waking up tomorrow and running a few miles of my own accord, so that tuesday does not spell my doom.

that's right: me working out without someone issuing the order. i'm still a little amazed. but you didn't see my old out of shape self gimping around all week. and the sad thing is, i might be the second most physically fit guy, and the one ahead of me i have five years on.

very soon, maximum connectivity. like in the next few days. just gotta wait for roommate to come back from maryland and fix up the lan.

more sooner rather than later.

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Date:2005-06-27 17:19
Subject:more on purgatorial ennui
Mood: exhausted

alright. so seriously, no shittin, i'm in the great dismal swamp. somewhere in the wilds of virginia. and it pretty much sucks.

nothing to do on weekends. absolu-friggin-lutely nothing. meh.

good news is one of the guys i knew back when i first started this job got here ahead of me and made sure we were roommates. so at least i have company here in misery.

it's hotter and more humid than i care to describe in detail, but those of you more acquainted with my vulgarity can fill in the blanks.

the physical training is fairly vigorous. for russian spetznaz commando types, let alone for lil ol me. and it's only gonna get hotter, and then colder. and then, hopefully, i'll be outta here round christmas.

internet connectivity at this point is tenuous, so please bear with any delays in writing. my laptop has decided to give up the ghost upon arrival, and the nearest best buy is miles and miles away, so it's going to take a feat of persuasion to talk someone into running me out there to take care of that. which is curious, because i think those best buy buggerers screwed it up in the first place. the bastards.

i am, as ever, undaunted, despite the fact that nearly everything that should have gone right hasn't. my clearance issues still aren't resolved, my advance pay never happened, and just about anything else that could go wrong did enroute to this armpit of the eastern seaboard. did i say undaunted? must be some mild form of heat prostration, eh?

on the whole, though, things are better than i expected, barring the degree of isolation and the pathetic state of morale support services out here. i think this might be tolerable.

which of course just makes me believe that i'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

anyways, just a short post to remind you all that i'm out here, and that i haven't quite disappeared down a black hole or something. sent out an incredibly similar email just a few seconds ago, so sorry to those of you who mighta received both.

to add a bit...this place is the biggest management disaster i've seen in some time. a person of my rank should have his/her own room. now, having an old school chum around, i was perfectly fine having him bunk in my pad. however, today we got a third body, which we were assured would not happen. and the instructor stopped by today to tell me there might be a fourth coming shortly. "we're working on it," he says, when only this afternoon the master chief said "two, no more."

seems like the right doesn't know what the left is doing round here. which is not to say it's their fault at all; these petty fiefdoms that people build up in the military establishment are almost laughable in their scope, but they can seriously impact the individual service member's short term morale quite readily.

oh, yeah: virtually nil cell coverage here, so toss me an email and i'll try to call you. please don't take it the wrong way if i can't get through. tried to call m today and had to stand on one foot the entire time, precariously balancing myself in order to maintain hearability. not koshier.

uh, yeah. the laptop, further explicated: when i got the thing, day after crimmus last, i asked them to install a gig of ram, doubling the baseline ram for that model. they started to, then realized they didn't have the right chip, so put everything back in the case and gave it back to me supposedly as it was. well, the sound was getting spotty, which i stupidly assumed was because i was riding the old girl to hard. well, now it craps out in the middle of an application, which it never has done before. just shuts the hell down whenever i run a game, even one that requires half the current ram. so i did some poking, and lo and behold, instead of the 512 i should have, the parameters are saying i have 300-odd ram, as if they put in a smaller chip or one of the chips is broke-dick.

yes, that's official navy terminology. like tango uniform, which means tits up. which is pretty much the condition of my laptop at present.

i'm posting from the roomie's puter. not sure how often this will be available, as he's much more computer-integrated than i am. not sure on laptop repair time either, as the nearest best buy (which will quake with my wrath should they give me a run around) is about an hour away at best, which is a sizeable request from anyone round here, when getting off base usually means not coming back anytime soon.

and this pay shortage is really twerking me off. was going to do some last-minute shopping for m's birthday (the last day of this month), but now am just trying to keep enough to live on. plus i have rent due on the first of the month for the last month of the apartment in california, so the next paycheck is going to take a sizeable hit. the good news is, when the folks here immediately went to work fixing the shortfall, and i should see that cash back in a week or so, which means i might break even. but it's still a chunk outta my hide, pride, and lifestyle. and it was pretty monastic as it was.

that's about it for now. i'll try not to spam the journal with moans and complaints, but at present, this is fairly shite-tastic. only sorta-good news is that i may find out about duty billets earlier on than i anticipated, like in the coming few weeks. so, at least i'll know where i'm gonna land sooner rather than later.

yeah. cross yer fingers, toes, eyes, and anything else you can cross (this means you, ara).

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Date:2005-06-25 18:02
Subject:greetings from the verge

of something completely unknown and new.

things have been happening in recent weeks. updates to follow. just now i am in virginia and trying to come to grips with that.

i have thought at times that galesburg was both heaven and hell for me.

i think i may have found purgatory. in the strictest sense.

more on this and other developments tomorrow.

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Date:2005-03-01 21:18

I just spent about three hours on the phone with an old potential girlfriend of mine. We were always the best of friends, and she's a few years older than I am, so I felt compelled to tell her about all the hopes and options further down the road.

I just told her to get out and travel more.

I miss who she is, and who she was when I was 18 and still full of fire and brimstone. The hard thing is, so does she. And I miss her greatly, haven't seen her in years.

I'm actually incredibly jealous of this lady: she is living what I cannot imagine doing. She is impartially ruling on the merits of where children go so far as public and private schools.

And maybe it might make a difference. But I still think the smarter contractors are going to start building. Corbic's word is law here.

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Date:2005-02-18 14:54

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Date:2004-12-24 06:27
Subject:Apartment Hunting

Alright. Good news on this front.

Yesterday morning, I went to go look at apartments (for the third day straight). I'd been getting quite frustrated.

What I was looking for was a spacious one bedroom with proximity to the San Diego Trolley, without paying an arm, leg, and two vital organs for it in the process. The place I'd found online during deployment and had my old roommate look into was in a rough neighborhood, and I didn't even bother going in, despite the fact that the place was like a stone's throw from everything in downtown (having a guy ask you from across the street if you want to buy some weed at 8:30 in the morning while you're explaining to this other guy you don't have the time to run in and purchase him alcohol while standing outside a prospective domicile is sort of a killjoy). The others I'd looked at the day before were either disappointing or downright excessive expensive or too dang far from the Trolley (I've learned to hate busses...I can do them, but they drain me and no way I'm doing it for 6 months straight).

So, I have a few more on my list yesterday, and they're near the trolley stop, so off I go. Just looking at two of them online, I knew they were outside my price range, so I'd moved those back to the latter part of the day, so that I could end the day looking at some nice spots in some good locations and possibly consider raising my ceiling a bit and just settling for that. But there was one I wanted to check in the morning, as it looked like it was about the right price and wasn't too far from anything.

Place is called City View. It's equidistant from the City College and Park & Market stops on the Trolley (maybe eight minutes walk, six if you're someone who doesn't drive and has therefore learned to walk a country mile). Took me a bit of time to figure out I had to go two or three blocks out of my way to access the compound, but once I got up there, the lady was very nice, funny, and eager to show me around.

Jacuzzi on the ground floor, gym on the ground floor. T-1 on premises. Elevators and below ground secure parking, so if I have folks visit, one of them can park their vehicle and be okay overnight. I looked at a fourth floor apartment with a fireplace, nice kitchen, and great view of the city. $1020, which is about two to six hundred less than what I was hearing from other places. I think she had me sold before she even showed me the closet space, but there's a ton of that, too.

It's fantastic. So, I trundled off to base to get a money order for the application fee and holding deposit. Come back, am filling out the paperwork, and this guy comes into the office and says to the second lady who's helping me, "Did [the first lady] talk to you about [some third lady] telling her we could rent [the room I was looking at and about to rent]?"

Insert big silence here. Second lady calls first lady. The guy's a current tenant. So, there's an uncomfortable moment, and I finally just say, "Well, I'm flexible."

So, they offer me a room five doors down. Courtyard view, so no city sunsets for me. And I can't move in til after I go home for the holidays and get back. But, the rent's only $975.

Uh, huh. I am so pleased.

Moving in is gonna be a friggin nightmare headache from hell, I have no doubt. Gonna have to get a U-Haul, gonna have to wrestle everything out of the storage, which I'm sure the old roommate wrestled back in after having wrestled all his stuff out of it (so it's most likely jumblerific), gonna have to truck the stuff clear up from Chula Vista to downtown SD. And I have to move in the day I get back. Or at least I'm scheduled to.

Meh. Gift horse in the mouth. I'm just pleased to be past the looking phase. I've discovered it's so much easier shopping for an apartment with someone, because I'm sort of a person who gets burnt out on it quite quickly and starts looking to skate off early on in the situation, or I estimate that the place has got to be too expensive. Meh, whatever.

Just have to wait for the credit check to come back and whatnot, and what with the holiday and all, that could be a bit close to my departure for home. Which I'm also quite excited about. I'm gonna fly into Chicago, overnight there, catch the train to the Quads, see C & Mel, have my bro pick me up most likely on the 31st, then be up home for a week, maybe, then skate off with the old roomie for a few days and then we both (coinkidink!) fly out of Chicago Midway on the same day! So, then I'll get back, have to go grab the keys to the pad, do some initial move-in crap, then wait til the next day to get the crap out of the storage, due to times and closures and whatnot. So, we're looking at two day evolution, minimum. I'm thinking more three or four, because I'm sure I'm gonna have the help pooping out on me, or something.

It's too nice, too smooth. I'm waiting for something to go wrong.

However, if this all works out, my goal to have a place dialed-in and cozy pad of my own finally could be just a few weeks away.

Looking to get a computer desk, some living room stuff, etc, but am not going to go and buy bookshelves. Might have someone make em for me here on the ship, as he's fair on price and a good character. Might even have him do a dining room set, too, depending on timeframe.

I've been putting off visiting the storage, as I don't want to see it. I have tremendous fear that the old roomie either broke something or trusted someone with the place and they either broke or boosted stuff. The place is paid up through next month, so that's a relief, but I'm nervous about it. Most likely, I will be checking it the day after Christmas or the day after that, when I take myself shopping. But most likely I'm be paranoid.

Things could be looking up.

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